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Mark Zokle Shares Advice on Bringing People In

If you’ve ever wondered if psychology plays a part in sales success, read on as Mark Zokle opens up about the power of persuasion.

Q: Is charisma enough to convince people to listen to my sales pitch?

Mark Zokle: While a charming personality goes a long way, it’s hardly enough to get a foot in the door. In order to really garner attention, you’ll have to focus on making a lasting impression long before you’ve actually been given the opportunity for extended face time. Initial introductions are the perfect opportunity to begin working your way in.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Values the “Vs”

In the following interview excerpt, Mark Zokle talks about three of his favorite sales tools, which he calls the “3Vs.”

Q: What are the biggest challenges that sales professionals face today?

Mark Zokle: Most likely? I think it is how connected everything is and the amount of misinformation out there. With the advent of the Internet came hordes of new companies…in all industries, too, not just home improvement. Many of these rushed to get their products out there and to get information about themselves online. Now, salespersons have to fight harder and harder to even secure an initial meeting.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle: Call Your Own Shots

Mark Zokle shares his ideas about sales calls and how to make small changes that will increase your numbers all year long in the following Q&A.

Q: In your opinion, what is the most important thing a salesperson can do to expand his or her customer base?

Mark Zokle: Take the time to make sales calls! All too often, I see sales reps rely on email to open up a line of communication with buyers. That simply doesn’t work – people want a personal connection. A phone call is a better place to begin. The bottom line is the more calls a salesperson makes, the longer their customer list becomes.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle on How to Build Relationships for a Stronger Business

Salesmen, we all know the drill. The goal is to sell our products to as many customers as possible and walk away with a nice commission. But Mark Zokle, a national sales trainer with two decades of experience, reminds us there is a right way and a wrong way to interact with our customers. It’s not enough to make a phone call once a year when we have a new product to sling…in order to be successful, we must foster relationships with clients at all levels.

Customers prefer a sales professional that acts as a partner and business consultant. The days of self-indulgent sales are over. In order to create outreach and truly serve customers we must get to know them on a deeper level. According to Mark Zokle, this means delving into their professional and personal lives to understand their goals, hobbies, and fears. But how? In answer to this question, Mark Zokle offers the following advice:

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle | Remote Workforce Transition for Manager

In an ever-connected world, remote work models have become common in numerous industries, says Mark Zokle. Marketing, IT, and sales are three areas where it’s not necessary to be in a brick and mortar setting five days a week. Allowing employees to work remotely is a smart decision that can bring about increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and lower overhead costs. However, for all its merits, managing a mobile workforce presents a few challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve success.

In a remote work situation, the hiring process is different than in a traditional office environment. According to Mark Zokle, it’s much more challenging to assess potential employees’ skills and ability to work with minimal direction. Skype is an invaluable tool for the interview process. However, if the preference is for workers within a drivable range of the office, a final in-person meeting will help each party feel more comfortable about the decision.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Explains Sales Optimization

Sales, no matter the industry, is an ever-changing beast, says Mark Zokle. However, one thing is true whether you are selling $10 toasters or multi-million dollar construction equipment and that is this: More contacts equals more customers.

Most salespersons start their day the same way, making calls. It’s the number of calls placed that ultimately determines how many sales the representative closes by the end of the year. Mark Zokle explains that closed deals are always the direct result of the flow, which starts with the call.

The sales process should be looked at like a funnel. The wide mouth at the top is the total number of calls the salesperson has made. Tapering toward the bottom is the number of prospects ultimately converted into paying customers. It stands to reason then, says Mark Zokle, that an increased number of initial calls will translate into more revenue.

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Mark Zokle

Blogging for Dollars with Mark Zokle

A blog is a convenient way to create online content and also one of the most popular marketing tools in today’s digital world, says Mark Zokle. But no matter how much traffic your blog generates, it doesn’t do your business any good if its readers don’t become customers. Read on as Zokle shares a few tips on how to write an effective blog.

Answer customer questions

According to Mark Zokle, a vast majority of people stumble upon a blog looking for answers. Use your blog to address common help desk issues and clearly outline ways your product or service benefits the bottom line.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle | Tips to Make You a Better Salesperson

You know your product inside and out. Your smile is on 24/7. And you could charm the scales off a snake. But you still haven’t made the sale. Mark Zokle explains that it is not simply enough to master the physical realm. As a salesperson, you must delve into the psychological aspects that make your customers want to buy from you.

Here are a few psychological triggers that can elevate your name from ephemeral to everlasting in your clients’ minds.

Tell your story. According to Mark Zokle, the biggest obstacle that you must overcome is to help your clients connect their personal desires and emotions to your product or service. As an example, if you work in the home improvement industry, you could start a conversation with a casual mention that your work keeps you in close contact with contractors across the country.

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Mark Zokle

Q&A with Mark Zokle: The Down Low on High-Ticket Sales Strategies

Sales, contrary to popular belief, is not an easy job, says nationally acclaimed sales trainer Mark Zokle. In the following Q&A, Zokle answers questions to help neophyte sales professionals adapt to client needs.

Q: Who is in the best position to identify what my customers really want?

Mark Zokle: Chances are, your company will have a list of items they believe every customer will be looking for. However, it is ultimately up to you, the salesperson, to ask the right questions. Never assume that your buyer’s motivations are exactly in-line with your company’s expectations.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle: Prioritize for Peak Productivity

If you are a sales leader who is constantly challenged to increase your team’s productivity, read on for advice from Mark Zokle.

Q: Is it possible to grow revenue without adding new salespeople? 

Mark Zokle: It is – and it’s probably not as difficult as one might imagine. Pace Productivity research has revealed that less than one quarter of a sales rep’s time is spent on active sales tasks. Based on a 40 hour work week, that equates to less than nine hours – or about a day — actually spent in meetings, preparing contracts, or closing deals.

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