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Mark Zokle Offers Tips on Streamlining the Marketing Process

Marketing is necessary across all industries, says BCI Acrylic National Sales Manager Mark Zokle. Unfortunately, many companies view marketing as more of an afterthought than an integrated part of daily operational activities. Here, Zokle offers insight on how to streamline the process.

Q: What aspects of my marketing plan can be automated effectively?

Mark Zokle: Advances in technology have made it significantly easier to streamline social media and online marketing efforts. For instance, many marketing companies now have the capability to automatically release Twitter and Facebook updates and alert users when someone comments on their profiles.

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Mark Zokle

Strategies for Sales Enablement from Mark Zokle

In today’s post, sales expert and trainer Mark Zokle opens up about ways to implement a new sales strategy and how to get everyone on board before and during the process.

Q: What is the primary goal of establishing a sales enablement strategy?

Mark Zokle: Ultimately, you want to increase sales productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. This is accomplished by connecting sales representatives with the content and knowledge they need to create an environment of success for themselves. A sales enablement strategy also helps sales representatives adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

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Mark Zokle

Sales Enablement a Cross-Functional Strategy, Says Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle is one of the nation’s leading advocates for sales enablement, which he describes as simply the process by which a company enables their salespeople to do their job effectively.

Q: What is sales enablement?

Mark Zokle: Sales enablement is a cross-functional strategy that involves many departments within a company. The ultimate goal is to provide sales representatives with the tools, resources, and motivation they need to close sales quickly and efficiently.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best way to improve the overall productivity of a sales department?

Mark Zokle: As a sales manager, I would have to say that training is the key. And not just training, but reinforcement, too. You have to make sure that your sales reps have time to fully absorb information regarding a product or service and that they are fully prepared to utilize this knowledge in the real world.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Demystifies “Bad” Sales Strategies

We’re nearly two decades into the 21st Century, yet many sales professionals are still using antiquated sales methods. In today’s brief Q&A, BCI Acrylic, Inc. National Sales Manager Mark Zokle shares a bit of insight on how to step your game into today’s marketplace.

Q: I can’t seem to make a sale no matter how many times I say “yes” to customer requests. What gives?

Mark Zokle: The “Never Say No” attitude should have died along with acid washed jeans. Your customers don’t really expect you to bend to their every whim. What they need is someone who can show them how your product or service best serves their purpose. Remain true to your company and your customer and quit making promises that you can’t keep.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle: How to Enjoy Sales Success in the New Year

Cold calls simply aren’t enough to catapult a salesperson into the limelight, says Mark Zokle, an Illinois-based sales manager and industry veteran. Here, Zokle outlines why information is power and how the internet has changed the business.

Q:  You’ve said before that “cold” calling doesn’t work. Why not?

Mark Zokle: A cold call is just that, cold, generic, and uninviting. These types of communication are often ignored or, worse, looked at as an annoyance by decision makers. “Warm” calls, however, are those where the salesperson has made the effort to learn about a potential client and their needs and targets their message specifically to that person or business.  

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Mark Zokle Shares Tips on Encouraging Customer Loyalty

There’s no business like repeat business, says sales and marketing maven Mark Zokle. Studies have shown that customers spend more money after their first experience with a company, meaning customer loyalty is paramount to a business’ success. In the following post, Zokle opens up about ways to keep customers coming back.

Q: What is the single most important factor when it comes to making customers happy?

Mark Zokle: Customers across all industries cite good or bad customer service as either the reason they remain a patron or move on to a competitor. Since price tends to be within range from business to business, customer experience is often the make or break point.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Shares Insight on Influencer Marketing

Influencers, according to Mark Zokle, are regular, everyday people who happen to have a big voice, and people to listen to it. We’ve all seen unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, and DIY crafting videos…the people behind these viral visual gold mines are known as “influencers” because they influence their audience’s opinion about a company or product. Here, Zokle discusses ways to leverage their fanbase to boost sales.

Q: Why is influencer marketing important?

Mark Zokle: We are nothing if not a social society. Having someone people already trust showcase your product gives you a leg up on the competition and gets you in front of thousands of potential customers. Influencers can also cross-market your content and encourage shares to maximize exposure.

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Mark Zokle: Don’t be Pushy, be Persuasive

Thousands of salespeople have attended seminars led by Mark Zokle and found success using his teachings. In the following brief discussion, Zokle offers some free advice on how to change your customer’s perception of you, your company, and your product or service.

Q: How can I ask about my client’s goals without sounding overbearing?

Mark Zokle: Strike up a conversation and establish a rapport. Once you have a feel for their personality, tailor questions to align with their buying style. For instance, if your buyer tends to open up when talking about how well they have served their customers, ask how you can help them stand out against any known competition.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Shares Tips on Writing an Effective Blog

Blogging is today’s version of street corner news, says sales and marketing expert Mark Zokle. A blog offers customers the opportunity to get to know your business by using catchy headlines to “shout” the main idea. But blogs are most effective when they are written in a way that turns browsers into buyers.

Q: Will my blog automatically make me visible to online searchers?

Mark Zokle: Not necessarily. There is a lot of work on the back end that must be completed before that happens. One of the most important things you can do for your blog is to link it directly to and from your company’s official website and email correspondence.

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Technology Makes Hiring Process More Difficult, Says Mark Zokle

Today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy workplace is more efficient than in previous generations, says Mark Zokle. However, due to digital connectivity, many business professionals have lost touch with important people skills, which are crucial in any profession. Zokle explains how this affects managers in the following brief discussion.

Q: Why is it important to understand the relationship between departments?

Mark Zokle: Each department has its own motive and each individual within that department have factors that drive them. In order to be truly successful, managers must get to know how these teams work together and know when to step in to ensure a seamless transition of information between the two. With today’s more impersonal online hiring process, it’s becoming more difficult to make sure each team member is a good fit and will work well with others.

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