About Mark Zokle

Mark ZokleMark Zokle is a sales management expert with over twenty years of experience helping companies cultivate profits while reducing excess operational costs. With a natural talent for identifying inefficiencies, Mark Zokle is a master at implementing strategically focused plans and retooling dated processes.


Mark Zokle has the heart of an entrepreneur and has served successfully as a consultant for dozens of businesses over the last two decades. Zokle’s sharp eye for the details and his savvy business acumen has garnered the attention of large and small companies alike, including GTE Telecommunications (now part of the Verizon family). A successful trainer, Mark Zokle is known for his abilities in helping business owners to set priorities and create a vital balance between work and home life.


A confident and dedicated leader, Mark Zokle has trained thousands of sales representatives; many of which have gone on to enjoy wildly successful careers. Over 2,000 of his former trainees are now sought-after producers with sales in excess of $1.5 million per year. In 1993, Mark Zokle was approached by a California-based manufacturing company to serve as the company’s East Coast sales director. Under his leadership, the company prospered. Mark Zokle implemented a resurgence program that drove the company from a marginal market share of $2 million to being a leader in the region with over $65 million in sales.


Mark Zokle has helped develop marketing strategies and crafted sales management training materials for many companies in the home improvement industry. He has authored standard operating procedures for businesses that have increased efficiency and revenue. Additionally, Mark Zokle is a popular speaker and is often featured as an industry expert at symposiums and educational seminars. In 2014, Mark Zokle was chosen to present at the Accelerate Tele-Summit. His lecture, “How to Sell More Jobs Without Adding a Single New Customer” remains one of the event’s most talked about and popular topic.

Family man

Mark Zokle is a dedicated husband and father who believes that family comes first. He and his wife enjoy raising their children in the Great Lakes community of Sandusky, Ohio.

Mark Zokle is the National Sales Director for Bath Planet’s parent company, BCI Acrylics, Inc.