Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Offers Tips on Streamlining the Marketing Process

Marketing is necessary across all industries, says BCI Acrylic National Sales Manager Mark Zokle. Unfortunately, many companies view marketing as more of an afterthought than an integrated part of daily operational activities. Here, Zokle offers insight on how to streamline the process.

Q: What aspects of my marketing plan can be automated effectively?

Mark Zokle: Advances in technology have made it significantly easier to streamline social media and online marketing efforts. For instance, many marketing companies now have the capability to automatically release Twitter and Facebook updates and alert users when someone comments on their profiles.

Q: Some of my customers are thousands of miles away. How can I market to them and still convey a sense of closeness?

Mark Zokle: Make yourself visible in areas where your customer is likely to be. For instance, find out what trade associations they are involved with, and become a member. You can also find out what online business networking groups they participate in and provide helpful information regarding your communal industry interest via these platforms.

Q: I’m interested in content marketing. How difficult is it to collect and publish articles, blog posts, and other company information?

Mark Zokle: Content marketing has become one of the most valuable advertising tools in the digital age. I would suggest having a dedicated person or agency responsible for assigning content and making sure that content is distributed through the proper channels, including your company website and social media.

Q: Our company management cut the marketing budget nearly in half. Are there any low- to no-cost changes I can make that will lead to faster sales?

Mark Zokle: Evaluate your website and the customer communications that stem from it. If you notice that you’re getting more questions than requests for quotes, you might want to consider adding an FAQ page that will clearly answer your potential customers’ most common inquiries.