Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Shares Tips on Writing an Effective Blog

Blogging is today’s version of street corner news, says sales and marketing expert Mark Zokle. A blog offers customers the opportunity to get to know your business by using catchy headlines to “shout” the main idea. But blogs are most effective when they are written in a way that turns browsers into buyers.

Q: Will my blog automatically make me visible to online searchers?

Mark Zokle: Not necessarily. There is a lot of work on the back end that must be completed before that happens. One of the most important things you can do for your blog is to link it directly to and from your company’s official website and email correspondence.

Q: What should I blog about?

Mark Zokle: Find out what questions your customers are asking your service and sales reps most often and build a list of topics from that. For instance, a Bath Planet dealer might write a blog about how to clean acrylic or post a short explanation about the differences between bathtub types.

Q: I’ve heard having a strong biography is important…

Mark Zokle: It is, but it might not be necessary for your blog. A sidebar bio – a short bio that highlights the most important features of your business – might be enough to catch a reader’s attention and entice them to learn more. This bio should touch on one or two important facts about yourself, your product, or the business in general.

Q: How many topics should I cover in each blog post?

Mark Zokle: Try to stick to one main idea and offer supporting information without straying too far off topic. Ideally, a blog post is just a few paragraphs – 300 to 400 words – at that doesn’t leave a lot of room for details. You want to leave your reader with strong feelings and a desire to return to your blog later on for more.