Mark Zokle

Technology Makes Hiring Process More Difficult, Says Mark Zokle

Today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy workplace is more efficient than in previous generations, says Mark Zokle. However, due to digital connectivity, many business professionals have lost touch with important people skills, which are crucial in any profession. Zokle explains how this affects managers in the following brief discussion.

Q: Why is it important to understand the relationship between departments?

Mark Zokle: Each department has its own motive and each individual within that department have factors that drive them. In order to be truly successful, managers must get to know how these teams work together and know when to step in to ensure a seamless transition of information between the two. With today’s more impersonal online hiring process, it’s becoming more difficult to make sure each team member is a good fit and will work well with others.

Q: How can I assemble the best team?

Mark Zokle: This goes back to getting to know an individual, before you hire them into a position. If you simply read their resume and meet via Skype for their interview, you aren’t really getting a feel for their abilities and interests. You may wind up with too many people with the same skillset. A diverse team is paramount to success.

Q: What are the benefits of rotating my staff from one department to another?

Mark Zokle: Well-rounded employees are those who understand how their role affects the rest of the company. I suggest having your managers and potential managers walk the proverbial mile in other departments’ shoes. This will give them greater insight and lead to a more collaborative workplace.

Q: Does technology have any place in the hiring process?

Mark Zokle: Of course it does. The ability to quickly check a person’s credentials and contacts makes the screening process much easier. Additionally, technology will allow you to track your employee’s skills and growth, making it easier to utilize these abilities where the need is greatest.