Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Shares Advice on Bringing People In

If you’ve ever wondered if psychology plays a part in sales success, read on as Mark Zokle opens up about the power of persuasion.

Q: Is charisma enough to convince people to listen to my sales pitch?

Mark Zokle: While a charming personality goes a long way, it’s hardly enough to get a foot in the door. In order to really garner attention, you’ll have to focus on making a lasting impression long before you’ve actually been given the opportunity for extended face time. Initial introductions are the perfect opportunity to begin working your way in.

Q: How…?

Mark Zokle: Start by offering genuine compliments. Once your target customer believes that you really like him or her, they are more likely to bring you into their inner circle. Don’t underestimate the power of reciprocity either… once the customer feels like they “owe” you something, you will have a better chance at making a sale. Don’t go overboard but pay attention to their likes and interests; a gift should always be tailored to your customer.

Q: What are some ways to make myself stand out against salespersons with similar products?

Mark Zokle: Information! Always have accurate information about your product or service and all related topics. You must become an authority on the subject and plant the idea that your product is one-of-a-kind and in high demand. The scarcer and more specific your expertise appears, the more desirable you and your company will be.

Q: Once I’ve made the sale, how do I maintain a relationship with my client?

Mark Zokle: The biggest mistake many novice sales reps make is disappearing right after the contract is signed. Be consistent and remain a constant presence in your customer’s life. Shoot them an occasional email asking about their favorite sports team or checking on the progress they’ve made implementing your ideas. Remember, all customers have the power to lead to more sales!