Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Explains Sales Optimization

Sales, no matter the industry, is an ever-changing beast, says Mark Zokle. However, one thing is true whether you are selling $10 toasters or multi-million dollar construction equipment and that is this: More contacts equals more customers.

Most salespersons start their day the same way, making calls. It’s the number of calls placed that ultimately determines how many sales the representative closes by the end of the year. Mark Zokle explains that closed deals are always the direct result of the flow, which starts with the call.

The sales process should be looked at like a funnel. The wide mouth at the top is the total number of calls the salesperson has made. Tapering toward the bottom is the number of prospects ultimately converted into paying customers. It stands to reason then, says Mark Zokle, that an increased number of initial calls will translate into more revenue.

It is also possible to widen the bottom of the funnel by making slight changes in the middle. Mark Zokle asserts that it is important to perform regular audits of your sales process in order to determine where contacts turn into customers. As an example, two identical salesman establish 10 new prospects each day during a 22-day sales cycle (a typical month). By the end of the month, each representative has established 110 potential new customers. One salesperson, however, has closed two of these while the other has gained seven new clients. The difference lies in how salesperson number two presented him- or herself during the initial call.

In closing, Mark Zokle points out that it is not simply enough to make connections. Those connections must be convinced from the beginning that your company’s product or service is right for them.

Mark Zokle is a sales trainer with greater than 20 years of experience. He currently serves as the sales and marketing manager for BCI Acrylic, Inc.