Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle | Tips to Make You a Better Salesperson

You know your product inside and out. Your smile is on 24/7. And you could charm the scales off a snake. But you still haven’t made the sale. Mark Zokle explains that it is not simply enough to master the physical realm. As a salesperson, you must delve into the psychological aspects that make your customers want to buy from you.

Here are a few psychological triggers that can elevate your name from ephemeral to everlasting in your clients’ minds.

Tell your story. According to Mark Zokle, the biggest obstacle that you must overcome is to help your clients connect their personal desires and emotions to your product or service. As an example, if you work in the home improvement industry, you could start a conversation with a casual mention that your work keeps you in close contact with contractors across the country.

Tailor your reason. Mark Zokle affirms that it’s important to remember that each customer is going to have a reason for wanting your specific product or service. Take the time to get to know the buyer. Do they value family time? Is their primary goal efficiency in the office? Use this knowledge as an angle to sell your product.

Ignite curiosity. Once you’re in, you still have to keep the conversation going. Give your client just the right amount of information to encourage a back and forth dialogue. Mark Zokle cautions that over-sharing during your first meeting is one way to ensure that it was your last.

Stick to the point. It’s extremely difficult to develop trust in this industry, says Mark Zokle. Build a solid foundation between you and the customer by foregoing a general sales pitch and focusing on concrete information and specifics. In other words, don’t be a salesman, be an educator, which is more valuable.