Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle on Teambuilding

Ropes courses, escape games, and cooking competitions sound like activities you might enjoy on vacation. According to Mark Zokle, these events are actually excellent corporate teambuilding exercises. In today’s informational Q&A session, Zokle shares his thoughts on how playtime can affect a company’s bottom line.

Q: What is teambuilding and how do group activities that do not directly relate to work play a part in a company’s success?

Mark Zokle: It has been said that a person reveals more about themselves in an hour of play than they do during a year’s worth of conversations. The idea behind teambuilding events is to let each member of a team, group, or organization get a better feel for how coworkers handle different situations. Essentially, it gives everyone the opportunity to let their “true colors” shine through.

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Mark Zokle

Marketing Moment with Mark Zokle: The Closing Question the Pros Ask

In the following brief interview, Mark Zokle explains why one single question can set the tone for a closed deal or the buyer walking away.

Q: When should I ask if my customer is ready to seal the deal?

Mark Zokle: Before you even consider closing, you must first establish a relationship with your customer. You must put yourself into a position to be their go-to solutions provider. If you aren’t, someone else will be.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle: Motivation Remains a Mystery

We have been trying since the dawn of time to determine what inspires others to work harder, longer, and more efficiently. In the following Q&A, sales manager, trainer, and motivational speaker Mark Zokle explains why the answer largely remains a mystery.

Q:  Is there a single factor that leads people to do more in the workplace? 

Mark Zokle: Surprisingly, no. Even money doesn’t seem to have much of an influence beyond a certain point.

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