Mark Zokle

Sales Success with Mark Zokle

As the National Sales Manager and Trainer for BCI Acrylics, Mark Zokle leverages his 20+ years’ of experience to educate BCI’s sales force in the fine art of customer capture. Here are a few of the more common questions he receives from new salespeople.

Q: What are some visual cues I can give my customer to let them know I don’t agree with their terms?

Mark Zokle: Here’s the thing: amateur theatrics has no part in a professional sales negotiation. Gone are the days of slamming your briefcase or taking a dramatic and exasperated breath to show your disdain. Your best bet is to stay levelheaded, calm, and able to speak clearly and offer your customer accurate information as to why your product or service deserves their respect.

Q: You have likened sales negotiations to cutting a pie. Why is that?

Mark Zokle: If you imagine the negotiation process as a tangible item, you will see that it’s important to walk away with your fair share. However, it’s not about getting more out of the deal than your customer, but about making the pie larger and more delicious for everyone involved.

Q: I only have one product/service to sell. How can I make it “bigger” so that we all benefit?

Mark Zokle: It is your job as a salesman to offer your customer solid evidence as to why your company serves their interest better than the competition. Find the things that set you apart – and it won’t be price or quality – and make sure your customer knows that your “pie” is simply better than the other guys’.

Q: How can I be a more successful closer?

Mark Zokle: One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your business is to really get to know your potential clients before you approach them. Customers need you to confidently outline how your business benefits their bottom line.