Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Shares Best Kept Sales Secrets

Mark Zokle has been called one of the most engaging, exciting, and effective sales trainers in the US. His seminars have been broadcast nationwide and Zokle’s methods have helped launch the careers of thousands of men and women. 

Q: What does it mean to “build a presentation for a scenario?”

Mark Zokle: Most organizations have a standard presentation, but that exhibition must often be adjusted based on the salesperson’s current opportunity. When we talk about building presentations, we are really saying to our salespeople “what can you add/take away from your model script to make this more appealing to your target audience?”

Q: How do you incorporate video into your training?

Mark Zokle: One of my favorite group exercises is having each team member record themselves giving their introduction speech. We take some time as a group to watch these and help one another improve our introductions.

Q: Do you encourage your team members to communicate with each other the details of their successes?                                                                                          

Mark Zokle: One of the greatest things about having a large team is the diverse range of experiences they have faced. If one of our salespeople is walking into a situation similar to one that has been handled before, we try to get those two people talking. This is very helpful in giving newer salespersons insight on how to close a deal in circumstances they may not have dealt with before.

Q: Should I train my people on how to build rapport or is that something that only comes naturally? 

Mark Zokle: While it’s true there are many people who are inherently charismatic, it’s really not that hard to find conversation starters that might help you establish a relationship with a new or potential client. I always suggest starting with a quick view of the client’s LinkedIn profile. This can tell you if you have any mutual connections or common interests, such as civic groups or charities.