Mark Zokle

Surviving the Home Improvement Market with Mark Zokle

Unlike many other markets, home improvement sales professionals pretty much always start at zero. Here, veteran home improvement marketing expert Mark Zokle answers questions on how to push forward in one of the hardest markets.

Q: Why is home improvement such a hard industry to break into, from a sales perspective?

Mark Zokle: Home improvement trends are always changing and new competition is constantly emerging. It’s also an industry that is heavily dependent upon the real estate market. When real estate is doing well, people are more likely to sell their homes and move, as opposed to invest more money into their existing one. When the market is down, remodeling becomes a more attractive option.

Q: So, how do you push forward when people are selling instead of improving their current space?

Mark Zokle: You have to look for opportunities. Many people will seek the advice of a home remodeling expert before they put their home up for sale. You have to help homeowners understand where their home improvement money will do the most good.

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Mark Zokle

Respected National Sales Manager Mark Zokle on Weekly Meetings

In a world full of digital clutter it’s crucial from a business standpoint to get back to basics and interact with your team face-to-face, says Mark Zokle. Here, the veteran sales and marketing expert discusses the benefits of holding Monday morning meetings.

Q: Are weekly meetings really productive? Can’t I communicate just as effectively through emails and text messaging?

Mark Zokle: I have no problem with emails, phone calls, or the occasional text message. However, hosting a weekly meeting allows a company’s management team to get a feel for how everyone is doing and where accountability struggles may still exist. Monday morning is a perfect time to bring everyone together to get motivated for the coming week.

 Q: Is this an opportunity to pair more experienced team members with those who may be falling short?

Mark Zokle: Absolutely! As a manager, it’s important to know who the strongest team players are and to be able to identify potentially equal team members. These high producers can serve as valuable mentors for those just getting a foothold in the industry.

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