Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Shares Qualities of Successful Sales Professionals

Mark Zokle has trained thousands of top performers over his twenty year career. Here Zokle identifies six traits of those who are most successful.

  1. They understand the difference between persistence and pushiness.

Good salespeople know when to attempt contact again after an initial rejection; they also know when to move on and leverage their time for more likely prospects, Mark Zokle says.

  1. They are passionate.

Passion and persistence are usually a package deal. Effective sales people truly believe in their product and let that passion shine in their meetings.

  1. Good sales people don’t rely on others for leads.

In order to break sales records, Mark Zokle says his most awarded sales agents have left the comfort of their lead sheets to go prospecting on their own.

  1. They plan ahead.

Mark Zokle claims that the best sales pros have a plan in mind before making the initial contact with a targeted buyer. These are the people who get to know their client’s business and can effectively identify areas to which their product brings undeniable value.

  1. Smart sales people forge relationships with multiple contacts within an organization.

It’s not always enough to get “in” with the buyer. Once an account is won, it is easier to keep if there is a personal bond at multiple levels.

  1. They ask the right questions and listen for opportunity.

Despite good intentions, a huge chunk of salesmen and women tend to do a lot of talking and not enough listening. Once an account is established, there really isn’t any need to “talk it up.” Effective sales people are more insightful and ask about other areas that may open up another opportunity.

These qualities are, of course, no guarantee of success, Mark Zokle acknowledges. However, they are good indicators that a salesperson is hungry for more and willing to go the extra mile to make the sale.