Mark Zokle

Marketing Expert Mark Zokle | 7 Signs a Remodeling Company is Stable

Sales professionals take note. Mark Zokle presents the seven most important things to look for when considering a career with a home improvement company. Zokle says that these companies:

  1. Have a clearly defined purpose.

According to Mark Zokle, this is the #1 indicator that a company is poised for success. These are the businesses that clearly communicate goals and values to their teams. Zokle cites his employer, BCI Acrylics, Inc. as a perfect example. The Palatine, Illinois-based manufacturer focuses exclusively on bath and shower systems but also provides accessories and upgrades to enhance their flagship products.

  1. Know and utilize core projects.

Companies that have demarcated their core projects tend to be more successful in the long run. From a sales standpoint, Mark Zokle says that having an area of company expertise offers a competitive advantage at closing.

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Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle Shares Qualities of Successful Sales Professionals

Mark Zokle has trained thousands of top performers over his twenty year career. Here Zokle identifies six traits of those who are most successful.

  1. They understand the difference between persistence and pushiness.

Good salespeople know when to attempt contact again after an initial rejection; they also know when to move on and leverage their time for more likely prospects, Mark Zokle says.

  1. They are passionate.

Passion and persistence are usually a package deal. Effective sales people truly believe in their product and let that passion shine in their meetings.

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